Sandplay Therapy

Dora Kalff developed Sandplay therapy in Switzerland in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Sandplay is based on the theories of Carl G. Jung and Margaret Lowenfeld.

Children and adults are invited to build a world using sand and miniature figures.  This creative process inspires nonverbal expression of the inner self.  The visual expressions created in the sand move the client towards self-healing.  The sandplay therapist is trained to hold the sacred nature and creative expression of the Sandplay experience; this process is normally completed in silence.

We began our own Sandplay journey at an intensive training taught by Dr. Barbara Turner, an internationally renowned Certified Sandplay practitioner, teacher, and author.   We have pursued certification in Sandplay therapy by participating in continuous consultation, supervision, advanced education and our own Sandplay process.  Rose became a Registered Sandplay Therapist-Consultant in 2015 and Jamie became a Registered Sandplay Therapist in 2016.  Stephanie has recently begun her specialized training. We are members of The Association for Sandplay Therapy and Rose is currently serving on the board as its secretary.

Personal process, consultation, and webinars are available by appointment.